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Dear gaming diary,

Ah, LAN parties. There is no other place I feel more at home then at LAN parties with my friends. Whilst DYRM has been to many LAN events, last Friday was the first time we hosted one ourselves.

Whilst technically the LAN kicked off on 24th May, at 11pm, the majority of the session took place over the 25th. So this entry will be titled as such. It was an attempt at a twelve hour LAN, midnight to midday.

Dota 2

It was natural for the LAN to start off with one of our most integral games. The five of us sharing a connection didn’t seem to have any adverse effect on our ping, but as soon as I kicked off my live stream the havoc started.

It’s a shame that the internet connection couldn’t handle the stream whilst we were playing (damn Australian internet). We had a hilarious all random WTF Mode match. I randomed armadillo and the chaos started. Twenty-something kills later, Maltesers and I had secured our victory against Will and Danze. Many laughs were had, especially from me with my instant kills.

Counter-strike: Global Offensive

It was Will who suggested we switch to an offline game to benefit the live stream. A few of our GameSpot regulars had tuned in to see me attempt the overnighter, and I didn’t want to disappoint our viewers.

We kicked off a 3v2 on classic maps dust2 and aztec. Because Snifu is OP, he was always on the team of 2. It was pretty close, and despite being outnumbered he won.

The stream unfortunately continued to stutter with my high-end graphics. I was getting frustrated with the lack of good Australian internet, so I took the stream offline for a bit.  We continued with some 2v2 with CozzE online the next morning, which went well at the beginning but latency issues set in and we had to quit. Darn internet!

Team Fortress 2

We had a shot at a new mode which I quite enjoyed. It was like a first-person tower defence mode which ended up being quite fun. We didn’t manage to finish a map as nobody wanted to play the medic, but revisited TF2 at the end of the night. I took one for the team and switched to medic, and we managed to complete all waves! I nearly fell asleep during the stream for this one, much to the amusement of my viewers.

Starcraft 2

Snifu had been hyping up a show match between Danze and myself on Starcraft 2 for a while, and it was good a time as any to play it out. Hilariously dubbed the “Danze LAN Invitational” (something which still makes me LOL), Danze and I played a game.

I was protoss, he was terran. I started off a little slowly (I blame the sleepiness starting to kick in) but I think around the 10-15 minute mark he pushed in with a medivac-marine combo. I split his army on my ramp with a well-placed forcefield but neglected to charge my zealots in fast enough as a follow-up *face palm*.

Then he blew my mineral line with some widow mines and I gg’d. Snifu provided hilariously over-the-top commentary; seriously, I’ve never heard him get so excited over a non-GSL Starcraft 2 match. I will practice more in preparation for our next show match, Danze. Watch out!

Warcraft 3

It’s nearly impossible to attend a LAN and not see this classic Blizzard title get pulled out. We had fun with the Skibi tower defence map, and because Warcraft 3 is not graphically intensive I managed to run a live stream for it too. Like all tower defence maps, this one went for a long time and was near impossible. Halfway through Snifu and Maltesers left to do a Maccas run, and we were all so sick of the game by then that we let it run its course.

As an ex-Warcraft 3 player I was a bit keen to get some melee games happening but alas, other games took precedent!

Ragnarok Online 2

I fell asleep on the couch around 5.30am and woke up at 10am to hop straight onto Ragnarok Online 2. Will and Maltesers were still up, not having slept a week throughout the entire night. I seriously admire those two for that.

Killed a few mobs, then helped myself to some pretzels for breakfast.

The setup.

Overall a very successful and awesome LAN. Props to Danze for hosting and everybody for taking part. Can’t wait for the next one!


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