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Dear gaming diary,

It’s finally happened! I have progressed to the next class in Ragnarok Online 2. True, it was a task that consumed my entire weekend but I felt I could not recover from my overnight LAN efforts until this goal was attained.

Nearly fell asleep doing this, but it was totally worth it.

Ragnarok Online 2

Having spent some time helping out the citizens of Izlude in their ever-lasting war with the rebellious Mer-people, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had been summoned to Prontera by none other than the Knight Commander Zeras Hyperion himself.


Knight Commander Zeras Hyperion. Doesn’t he look awesome?

I bid my monk pal Snifu a farewell and with his best wishes, set forth to Prontera with Bird-brain. Honestly, I could barely contain my excitement at the prospect of becoming a full-fledged knight.

When I arrived, Zeras directed me to High Knight Reord, who apparently needed my help with something. Reord explained that some cargo had gone missing at the Alberta docks and sent me to investigate. Upon arriving, I protected a merchant from some rampant Wild Roses and managed to send them packing. The merchant thanked me and said Knight Commander Hyperion was looking for me. So I returned to the Knight’s guild.

Reord the Faithful.

Reord the Faithful, who I mistook for a woman at first. *facepalm*

When I returned, Zeras laughed and said that everybody was talking about me! He reminded me that it was our duty to fulfill justice no matter what. I fully intend to do so. It was decided that I had shown enough promise to take the test to become a Knight.

I was sent to knight Hans Rapad, who would oversee my testing. He was quite preoccupied when I arrived, saying he had no time for testing new recruits. Apparently, an infamous thief named Q-Pang had broken into the royal palace and was causing the Prontera knights a royal headache! He mentioned that Q-Pang had fled to the none other than the South Plains, so that is where I went next.


Hans looks a little young to be a knight, don’t you think?

It took a while, but I managed to track Q-Pang to a hilly area and beat him up until Hans showed up. Hans understood that I wasn’t able to take the test because of this incident, and he said something which I thought was a very important thing to remember:

“People think that being a knight means protecting the kingdom under the king’s orders, but that is only half correct. Being a knight means not only protecting the kingdom, but becoming the shield of the people in the kingdom”

I returned to Zeras, who was apparently impressed enough to give the approval for Reord to make me a full-fledged knight. I even received a new set of armour!


I have taken part in many new adventures as a knight, so expect more shortly!


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