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Dear gaming diary,

Can’t talk. Ragnarok Online 2 world needs saving. Persona 3 world needs saving. Everybody needs saving.

And I will do precisely just that.

Persona 3

It was a long and painful battle. Yukari and Ken were knocked unconscious multiple times. Aigis barely held on. Myself? I was summoning my persona Titania to cause as much damage as she could with her ice spells.

My persona, Titania.

My persona, Titania.

The three great shadows which had hindered my party for what felt like days finally fell. Harabah was no more. It was after this battle Fuuka noted that we all looked tired, but her protests fell on deaf ears. I would push onward through Tartarus.

Ragnarok Online 2

It was on the dawning of the 28th of May which I set forth to locate the missing Saintess Aione. For a high-ranking church figure, her guards sure weren’t doing a good job of keeping her safe. But the politics of Prontera do not matter to me so much as the people who were encompassed by them, so I was eager to help out nonetheless.

Come with me if you want to live.

Come with me if you want to live.

I finally found the Saintess on the outskirts of a decimated forest, praying to the point of exhaustion. She spoke quite urgently when she saw me.


It soon became evident what the source of her panic was – an evil monstrosity had emerged from the destroyed land nearby, and it was a monster I never thought I would see again.

Baphometsmall Baphomet!

He was much larger than I remembered in RO1. The Saintess said I needed to return to Zeras Hyperion and tell him to send for somebody who would be able to help send Baphomet back to the evil realm he came from.

To give you an idea of the size difference.

To give you an idea of the size difference.

In hindsight, it was a bit silly of me to expect that Zeras would send me with a party to combat the monstrosity, but a knight can dream every now and then, right?

But Zeras would have to wait, as my guild had gathered with every intention of taking on Izrude Dungeon. We were newly formed under my guidance, so Izrude was a good chance for us to run rampant.

(L-R) Snifu, Maltesers, Danze, myself.

(L-R) Snifu, Maltesers, Danze, myself.

I was summoned to the entrance of the dungeon by my team, and we set forth together to combat whatever horrors lay within.  Except… well, a giant crab couldn’t really compare to the difficulties we had facing Vador previously.


“Mmm, crab!” Danze exclaimed as he chopped into it with his newly acquired broadsword. We had both trod the same path as Swordsmen, but upon learning I had become a knight Danze walked down the alternative path of becoming a Warrior. Like so much of our past roles, we had essentially become two sides of the same coin.

Ooooh, shiny!

Ooooh, shiny!

The end of the instance was marked with a sparkly portal thing which I couldn’t help but walk into right away, only to be immediately transported outside back outside again. I could only huff in annoyance, thinking I had missed some important loot, but I was thankfully mistaken.

Maltesers Cooking

Back in the relative safety of Izrude beaches, Maltesers cooked me up some victory food. As I received his culinary creations, I hoped the Saintess would be able to look after herself.


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