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Dear gaming diary,

Wednesdays are my favourite day of the working week because I get to play scary games and/or watch my colleague Jess get scared whilst playing scary games, which always makes me laugh. I always walk out of our House of Horror streams feeling bright and happy!

Resident Evil: Revelations

Oh how I wish for the Resident Evil series to return to its old formula. Playing the GameCube REmake recently only amplified these feelings. As a long time Resident Evil fan, I was quite excited to try out Resident Evil: Revelations for House of Horrors as I had been told that it makes more of a return to the game’s roots – a very good thing.

Valentine. Jill Valentine.

Valentine. Jill Valentine.

My first thought upon starting the game was that Jill Valentine had received quite a makeover! She was nearly unrecognisable to me. The second thing I noticed was that there were a few awkward chest/butt camera shots which I found rather unnecessary. Pretty sure that never happened in the old Resident Evil.

Chris Redfield himself wasn’t excused from gratuitous body shots either. A few streamers pointed out that he looked like he had been on steroids. I will not comment on that, although the photos do speak for themselves (LOL).


Chris Redfield, old vs. new. Look at my new muscles!

But alas, the Resident Evil universe is one that I adore so much that I am happy to keep learning about the characters and seeing the perils they pull themselves through. Perhaps that is why I am such a sucker for the series and will give it so many chances to prove itself once again with each new game.

I shall continue to play Resident Evil: Revelations and will update when something exciting happens!

No Ragnarok Online 2 was imbibed that night.

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