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Dear gaming diary,

I’m really getting into the meat of things in Ragnarok Online 2 now. The team is keeping well ahead, and we’ve managed to convince to more of our friends to join us in-game. Our guild, DYRM, grows in number!

Ragnarok Online 2

Monks training!

Monks training!

Payon is quite a nice area, save for the dimensional demon-inhabited crack which is placed right in the centre. At Knight-Commander Zeras Hyperion’s request I travelled to the monk temple to request aid from the big monk guy there. I totally forgot his name.

I forgot the head monk's name.

I forgot the head monk’s name.

I also helped out the local village with gathering some vegetables as food was in short supply because of the combat going on in the area. Some may argue that such menial tasks are beneath a knight, but I completed them without complaint. Anything to help civilians.


Shortly after, I encountered a sly fox-like creature known as Miho. Killing their scouts wasn’t too difficult, although I had some help from my teammates.

You won't get away!

You won’t get away!

Maltesers and Will helped me gather some truffles for a local farmer. I mused that I had not eaten truffles before, to which Maltesers informed me that they were quite a rare delicacy.

I muse about the culinary properties of truffles.

I muse about the culinary properties of truffles.

Anyway, got to make this one a quick one. Rune-Midgard needs me! I shall return tomorrow with more adventure updates.

Peace & truffles,



Comments on: "Playing da games – 30 May 2013" (2)

  1. RikiGuitarist said:

    It’s cool how you still stop to enjoy the lore and adventure as you power level and grind your way to the top 😀 Most people just accept quests and kill stuff. I’ve enjoyed reading these stories, keep it up!

    Possibility of some streams of these RO2 runs? If your Internet doesn’t explode from it.

    • Heh yeah, I’m actually making a concerted effort to read the story (shocking I know) rather than power leveling through everything. After all, somebody out there must have put great efforts into writing the story so the least I can do is appreciate it.

      I have entertained the thought of capping some of the end-game dungeons and uploading to YouTube then live streaming it, hopefully that won’t burn out my internet!

      Thanks RikiGuitarist 😀

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