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Dear gaming diary,

Didn’t get to play much gaming today, as I went out for most of the day and re-watched Wreck-It Ralph. That movie still makes me laugh, and I love all the little gaming references. It seems like each time I watch the I pick up more references which I seem to have missed!

Anyhows, onto the games.

Ragnarok Online 2

Fixing Fences

I feel that my time in Payon is nearing an end. Although I continue to assist the citizens of Payon in their fight against evil, I can sense that I will soon be needed elsewhere. Nonetheless, repairing fences was something I thought I should help out with before I left.

Kaaaame haaaaaame haaaaaaaa!

Kaaaame haaaaaame haaaaaaaa!

The head monk who agreed to help us before accompanied me to the dimensional crack in Payon and totally pulled off a massive Kame Hame Ha which smacked the massive Baphomet back to where he came from. It was so unexpected, it’s really something that needs to be seen to be believed!

The red of the dimensional crack in Payon can be seen from far away.

The red of the dimensional crack in Payon can be seen from far away.

Although the Dimensional Crack remained in Payon’s landscape, Baphomet was no more.


Saint Crusader Olivier Graham was present for the ordeal, I thought she was super awesome (if a bit snobbish).

Shortly after, I met up with the rest of the DYRM team who assisted me in culling the local Crabbit population. Crabbits are creepy red-eyed rabbit-like creatures, who’s ears are so sharp they can be used as weapons. If you are not as disturbed by this as I am, please let me know.


We tried to take down the mini-boss of sorts, Moonlight Flower Illusion, with just the three of us. Athough we started off quite well when she began summoning her army of Miho soldiers chaos descended upon us! Darn you Moonflight Flower Illusion, I shall get you next time.

Moonlight Illusion

I size up Moonlight Flower Illusion in the distance.

As of tomorrow I will not have much time to write, find out in my next entry why!

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