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I have something to confess.

Payday 2 was released this week, and it has made me come to terms with how much of an elitist gamer I actually am. As I rush to the top of the chain alongside my teammates, we tread over the bodies of the fallen noobs and lesser-skilled players who could not, would not, keep up.

Dear AI, Please move out of the way.

Dear AI,
Please move out of the way.

I have powered to level 29 in one day. This is by no means a huge feat, but my eagerness to reach the top in the shortest possible amount of time has meant becoming increasingly impatient with newbies who fumble their way through heists. I’ve kicked a couple of them from our games because they were too low level, or held us back.

"I don't get it" - Ed.

“I don’t get it” – Ed.

It’s probably the result of being spoilt by having incredibly talented gamers as teammates. So many random players ruined today’s stealth missions, or made ridiculous decisions resulting in incapacitation. Even when I had just started out, I was eclipsing them in terms of skill. I am no means the best FPS’er in my team, but I am at least quick to react and learn.

“But Harli,” I hear you cry, “Everybody has to start somewhere!”

That is true. By all means, start practicing and level up. Just donโ€™t do it around me. I cannot stand having a mission penalised because a newbie is learning the ropes. That lesser $10,000 payout gets docked out of my reward. Efficiency is paramount. If you get in the way of my quick rise to endgame status, you will be left behind.

This was a successful heist.

This was a successful heist.

If you are kicked from the game, it’s nothing personal. You just weren’t good enough. Sorry.

– Harli

DYRM Clan Captain

Comments on: "Confessions of an elitist gamer" (5)

  1. Hahaha! No worries. That competitiveness is needed. I get the same way. While I have some tolerance for new people who are learning the game I have 0 tolerance for stupidity.
    Especially when I get punished for their incompetence.

    You’re indeed lucky to have friends on the same level of skill as yourself but that’s not the reason. I always play with random people in games like this and often have to save the day all on my own. Frustrating, but at least it gives bragging rights.

    Glad to see you haven’t given up on your blog.

    • Rereading my own comment a couple of hours later. A bit of self reflection. I do come off as a bit of an a** xD I’m not that evil in games, honestly. But the frustration comes when people don’t do their part. I avoid yelling abuse, however.

      • Fear not, you come off as an a** about as much as I do. I too avoid resorting to any sort of abuse – for the most part, I keep a level head when trying to direct newbies.

  2. bobjones1980 said:

    I’ve play FPS’s on consoles a lot and I have noticed the games are always the best when you play with people of the same skill level. Also, nice to see you blogging again.

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