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Hate is a strong word. It is a word I seldom use; a word I feel should only be brought out when the context is appropriate.

As a gamer, I seem to have developed an image with my audience as a gun-toting, text-hating, cutscene-skipping, hardcore elitist. Whilst that is true to some extent, I am also a firm believer in keeping an open mind when approaching anything in life, and games are no exception.

I like to broaden my horizons whenever possible and as a result have amassed a wide variety of gaming experiences in different genres.

So here are some games I loved, which most people probably thought I hated.


Zork Nemesis

I have very vivid memories of being terrified while playing Zork Nemesis. I started with the horror games quite early. It is a very dark, first-person adventure puzzle game. The setting was creepy and the puzzles were insanely hard.

Zork Nemesis was also one of the rare games which employed real actors, whom did a wonderful job of bringing the game’s gothic universe to life.

The game sported a beautiful soundtrack and equally stunning visuals. The puzzles were difficult because of the amount of research and patience required to solve them. The game manual even came with a detailed hand-drawn map which was necessary to progress with.

I really enjoyed Zork Nemesis and still love it to this day, but as a child it was impossible to finish. It was unfortunate, because I came so close to the ending, only to become stuck and never finish it. I will never know what happens to Alexandria. It is a mystery that will remain as such forever.



I approached Journey with a lot of hesitation. I picked up the game quite some time after its release, meaning I had also already been exposed to an absurd amount of praise for the game. It was lucky I had ignored most of it out of disinterest, simply because I thought the game looked incredibly boring.

I was wrong.

I completed Journey in a single three hour sitting. Needless to say, it took my breath away. With the aid of six different people, I finished the game. I didn’t know what to do. I was sitting on my couch staring at the TV screen as the credits rolled, and the only thing I could think was, “What am I doing with my life?”


Journey made me think about the value of my life. When I was younger, I had originally wanted to work in medicine and save lives. Or become a superhero and save lives. I don’t know, saving lives was in the equation somewhere. I believe most human beings seek some sort of altruistic validation in their existence; this was mine.

As I grew up, my path became skewed. I was rewarded and praised for my writing ability, and that, coupled with my natural ability to pick up new games quickly, steered me in another direction entirely.

I don’t regret what I do now in the slightest, but I honestly feel like my work has little philanthropic value compared to that of say, a surgeon’s. What exactly is my contribution to humanity?

Journey brought these questions to the forefront of my mind and for that I am grateful.


To The Moon

It’s funny, because To The Moon carries all the traits of game that I truly despise.

It has little gameplay.

It’s almost entirely scripted.

I thought it pretentious.

And yet when I was essentially forced into playing this indie adventure game as a result of reviewing it for The Black Panel, I found myself surprised at what it offered me.

A story which touched a nerve. Death is the key theme in To The Moon, and it tackles its subject matter with a gusto which prompted me to ask my own questions. What would I do in that situation?

I was so effected by the ending of To The Moon that I spent a few days trying to convince my friends to play it. To this day, none of them have even touched the game. Regardless, I am glad to have played To The Moon and appreciated that something so moving, so powerful, could come from such a simple-looking game.

And so that is my pick of games which I truly enjoyed. There are probably more scattered throughout my past, but these were the most recent to come to mind. Any surprises?


Comments on: "Games you probably thought I hated" (8)

  1. RikiGuitarist said:

    I was never able to play Journey because I don’t own any current gen consoles. But I feel like if I was to play it now, my expectations would be unrealistically high, based on all the praise that it received.

    I think that our actions affect peoples’ lives more than we think they do! You’re not saving lives as a surgeon, but you’re saving boredom and bad days with your entertaining and informative videos and articles. It’s like a surgeon going to the bar after work, the bartender and band there helps the surgeon unwind. Different lines of work, but equally needed in society!

    But the most surprising thing that I found out that you liked was…

    jazz 😛

    • You know what Riki, I’ve never thought about it that way before. That actually helps a lot. Thank you.

      Hey, what is there not to love about jazz?! ;P

  2. I am surprised that you chose To the Moon, no one I know besides my younger brother has played it and I’m surprised you had the time and motivation to check out a little indie game. I wish you listed more games though, bit disappointed the list ended at 3, maybe you can make this a series?

    My taste in games is completely different to yours, I’ve tended to play slower paced games and the first FPS I’ve ever picked up was Bioshock Infinite, which I really enjoyed.

    • Thanks for reading! I wrote this as an inspired piece and wanted to pen it as soon as possible, which might be why the list ended at 3. I’ll definitely think about other games to write about in future.

      • Maybe you should open it up to the readers, we can suggest games that we think you’ll hate and you play it and decide 🙂

        My first suggestion would be Kentucky Route Zero.

  3. bobjones1980 said:

    What surprises me is that I have only heard about 1 game that is on your list, and they all sound like games that i should take a look at. After writing this do you feel like finishing Zork:Nemesis?

    • May I hazard a guess as to what that one game was? Was it Journey?

      Oddly enough, I don’t feel the inclination to play Zork Nemesis anymore. Perhaps never finishing the game better imbued it with a sense of mystery…

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