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Edmond’s back this week! YAY! And he delivered with heaps of Japanese treats from Tokyo too. They always make me very happy.

The return of our video director means I’m on full steam ahead working on a couple of videos which will hopefully be published within the new few weeks, but with EB Expo 2014 next week I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to work on those.

If you’re swinging by the expo please drop by the GameSpot booth and say hello! I will really need it to get through 3 days of non-stop expo madness!



The Evil Within AU Community Event

This was a really fun event to organise and participate in. The ghost tour was incredibly scary. Our competition winners looked like they really enjoyed the game too! On a side note, Jess held my hand so tightly through the whole tour ^_^


AU New Releases: FIFA 15 Kicks Off for Multiple Platforms

FIFA 15 launched this week. The ad-ops/IT/engineering guys often borrow our PS4 to play this game, and although I don’t watch soccer often, watching them play is always a hoot.

Dota 2 Hit With Substantial Changes in Latest Update

THIS WAS HUGE NEWS IN THE DOTA COMMUNITY. I was very excited for this. Been playing Dota 2 recently and the new changes are pretty rad.

New Nintendo 3DS Confirmed to Launch in Australia This November, Before Europe and America

THIS WAS ALSO HUGE NEWS IN AU. This must be what it feels like to receive things before the rest of the world. I could get used to this feeling.

Square Enix Launches ANZ Servers For Multiplayer Vampire Game Nosgoth

Any love for the countries down under is always appreciated.

Soon You Can “Undelete” World of Warcraft Characters

I honestly think Blizzard are a really “customer-first” kind of company. They cop a lot bad talk online but I really do think they put fans first.


Based on the feedback I’ve received from everyone, I can conclude that this wrap-up post is going pretty well! So I’ll be continuing them for now. HUZZAH!

Looks like the theme for this week was TOKYO GAME SHOW. Despite me not being there, I somehow found myself pumping out a fair amount of content from it. I’m proud. Probably would’ve published more content, had I been there, *sniff*. Anyway, lots of exciting stuff dropped this week, with more to come from the sounds of it.


Our GSAU video director extraordinaire, Edmond Tran, was at TGS this week which meant we were pretty crippled in terms of video output. No videos from me until Ed gets back!


Left 4 Dead 2 Is Finally Uncensored on Steam in Australia

Woohooo finally!

First Photo of PlayStation-Exclusive Superhero TV Series “Powers” Released

Nothing to say on this one, except that Sharlto Copley is probably one of my top 5 favourite actors.

FBI Investigating Death Threats Made Against Anita Sarkeesian


Swery65’s Xbox One-exclusive D4 to be Released Tomorrow

This was pretty exciting to write up! Peter passed this on to be as Swery65 himself was talking to him, I believe. We deliver news FAST!

New Silent Hill Game May be Released in Episodic Format


Final Fantasy XV Demo Confirmed for Release in March


Metal Gear Solid V Coming 2015 – New Trailer Released

It was an awesome trailer, I understood approximately two full sentences in it.

Bloodborne Release Date Confirmed – New Trailer Goes Live

This trailer was also very awesome, I squealed (internally) like a fangirl upon watching it.

Square Enix’s New Cloud Gaming Venture Named Shinra Technologies, Beta Will Launch Next Year

I LOVE that the company is named Shinra Technologies. Hahaha.

Feeling a bit under the weather so no stream today, but will try and head in to stream tomorrow! It’s so hard to motivate myself to drag my sleepy body through 1.5 hours transit on weekends sometimes, but the stream is always worth it when I get to it! Have a nice rest of the week everyone! Stay happy and healthy 🙂

I figured that I should start collating all the work I get published on a weekly basis, since a lot of people always ask for links! I do a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff as part of my job on GameSpot as well, but here’s all the front-facing content I work on, week ending September 14.

Let me know if you think there’s anything about the format I should change.


Better Red Than Dead – A Dark And Gritty Take On Red Riding Hood
Zorine Te and Dan Hindes take Red Riding Hood into the sewers with Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries, a gritty fairytale puzzle platformer.

GameSpot / YouTube

Witness Double Elephant Destruction In This New Far Cry 4 Footage
Dan Hindes and Zorine Te get their hands on Far Cry 4 and wreak Himalayan havoc in a variety of explosive and animalistic ways.

GameSpot / YouTube


Divinity: Original Sin “A Big Success”; Future Project May Not Need Crowdfunding

AU New Releases: Destiny launches for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS3

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Will Star Claire Redfield and Barry’s Daughter

An EA Studio’s Forums Were Hacked In 2013; Publisher “Suppressed This Information” For a Year

Esports Shoutcaster Granted American Visa for MLG.tv [UPDATED]

Activision Announces The Voice Singing Game

Kojima Teases Metal Gear Collection 2014

Details on Destiny In-Game Events Happening This Month

I also streamed Resident Evil: Revelations on my personal stream.


I love gamers. As most of you may already know, I devote a huge chunk of my life to gaming. Even before I started working in the industry, I have clocked so many hours skilling up, playing with friends, watching tournaments, etc. Specifically, competitive gaming was something that has had a huge influence on my life, and will continue to be for a long time.

So when I have to repeatedly prove myself to my fellow gamers simply because I am a female, I get frustrated.

Because people assume I know nothing of competitive gaming, that I don’t have any skill, that I don’t know I embedded myself in that history here in Australia, that I have never competed in tournaments and led my team to SWEET, SWEET VICTORY.

A team of men I captain, by the way.

I remember chatting at the booth of a brand (that I will not name) at last year’s PAX Australia. Conversing with 2 guys about one of my favourite topics (CS) I remember gushing about the good old 1.5 days, source TV, and how warmod was a failure (sorry Garfield). They were surprised, and one guy turned to the other and said, “This girl’s legit!”
My response? “Uhh, of course. I work in esports” – because at the time, GameSpot still covered esports and I was the person in Australia to do it.
Him: “Yeah but there are heaps of chicks who ‘work in esports’ and not know anything about it”

Really? Feeling uncomfortable, I brushed it off with a laugh and left the booth.

Rewind further back. I am at a competitive event, for once not competing, but representing media.

“This is the LoL area,” the admin explained to me, “Oh, LoL stands for League of Legends…”

I refrained from rolling my eyes.

I am sitting in an internet cafe. Amidst my team, I draft out our hero picks and bans for this game. It is our first Dota 2 tournament in a long time.

Later, my teammate confided in me, “I could have been naked and painted blue and nobody would have looked at me”
So what, I say. I was one sole woman of what, 30-something competitors. So bloody what. Let them stare. I need to stay focused on the game to take us to victory.

It’s like I need to wear a t-shirt listing all my achievements in chronological order to simplify the process of proving myself every time I meet somebody new.

Instead, I remain patient that one day I simply will not face the doubt and disbelief anymore. Or I’ll just start cross-dressing at tournaments.

HoH_Outlast_fbEDIT: Looks like most of the archives have been lost. Unfortunately there’s no way we can get it back, I’m sorry.

I see this is a recurring request, but a lot of House of Horrors viewers don’t know that we’ve already played Outlast! It was featured as part of our week-long stream special programming for Halloween in 2013.

I finished the game in four episodes (the fifth saw us play Amnesia, I believe). For your convenience, I’ve gathered the archives and listed them here.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4


As some of you know, I was away during the Christmas and New Year’s break. I am very fortunate to have traveled to none other than Japan for a holiday! It was my third time visiting the country, and I loved every moment of it.

Rather than gush on about how much I enjoyed my holiday, I figured to share some pictures instead. Because if a picture if worth 1,000 words, then me sharing these photos would mean I’ve written 17k words, right?

So sit back, relax, and join me on a journey that all began here…


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8:30am. Sapporo, Japan.


I am sitting at a steel table outside a brightly lit MOS Burger joint. The air is so cold, each breath I expel forms a small cloud of mist before me. My closest friends sit around me, waiting for breakfast to arrive. As I wait for our meals to be served, I flick through my phone. It seems I have received an update about a game I have been following for quite some time; Soda Drinker Pro.

When I announce my excitement about this, I am met with the reactions I have come to expect.

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