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I’m Back, and Live Streaming!

Hello! I acknowledge it has been quite a while since I’ve updated this blog. So here’s an update to let you know that I have returned to the realm of posting regular content online on various channels.

The first, I’ll be live-streaming regularly on my Twitch channel. If you aren’t able to catch me live, I’ll be uploading highlights regularly on my YouTube channel. You can follow/subscribe to either to get a notification when I go live, or as soon as a new video has been posted! My most recent highlight was of a horror game titled Layers of Fear. It was unexpectedly a lot scarier than I thought it would be–you can watch the highlight below.

As usual, you can reach out to me on Twitter or leave a comment on this blog, on the YouTube video, or on Twitch to let me know what games you’d like to see played! I always love hearing from you all, so don’t be shy :]



Zorine’s Weekly Wrap – November 22


Just one look at the title tells me how late I am on this one! Apologies. Without further adieu, let’s look at last week’s content.

Wow I published way more than I thought I did. Ed and I are working on a new video feature coming soon, which I’m pretty excited about! I get to talk to the camera and share my thoughts about this game I’m sinking way too much time into right now, WORLD OF WARCRAFT.


AU New Releases: Dragon Age: Inquisition and Far Cry 4 Launch

I am all about the dragons. I love this game.

New Killer Instinct Character Kan-Ra is a 2500-year-old Sorcerer

Rah rah rah, KI fighting game.

Destiny’s Iron Banner Reforged Event Launches November 18

I wish I had a PS4 to play this game!

GameSpot AU Dragon Age: Inquisition Pre-Launch Event

Quite a fun event! Thank you to everyone who joined in the live stream, Jess and I laughed so hard throughout (I was crying from laughter at my running from bears.)

Blizzard Apologizes For Warlords of Draenor Launch Issues With Free Subscription Time

Thanks Blizzard, you rock and I’m totally not mad about queuing for six hours anymore!

World of Warcraft Exceeds 10 Million Subscribers With Warlords of Draenor Launch

Wow, I never thought Draenor would be so successful in getting people back.

New Telltale Game of Thrones Trailer and Exclusive Character Reveal

I’ve read the Song of Ice and Fire books and do not remember this house. At all.

For those wondering where the above GIF is from, it’s taken from this video. My part didn’t make the final cut, probably as punishment for my bombing of Dan’s shot.

Proving myself in esports, again and again and again and again


I love gamers. As most of you may already know, I devote a huge chunk of my life to gaming. Even before I started working in the industry, I have clocked so many hours skilling up, playing with friends, watching tournaments, etc. Specifically, competitive gaming was something that has had a huge influence on my life, and will continue to be for a long time.

So when I have to repeatedly prove myself to my fellow gamers simply because I am a female, I get frustrated.

Because people assume I know nothing of competitive gaming, that I don’t have any skill, that I don’t know I embedded myself in that history here in Australia, that I have never competed in tournaments and led my team to SWEET, SWEET VICTORY.

A team of men I captain, by the way.

I remember chatting at the booth of a brand (that I will not name) at last year’s PAX Australia. Conversing with 2 guys about one of my favourite topics (CS) I remember gushing about the good old 1.5 days, source TV, and how warmod was a failure (sorry Garfield). They were surprised, and one guy turned to the other and said, “This girl’s legit!”
My response? “Uhh, of course. I work in esports” – because at the time, GameSpot still covered esports and I was the person in Australia to do it.
Him: “Yeah but there are heaps of chicks who ‘work in esports’ and not know anything about it”

Really? Feeling uncomfortable, I brushed it off with a laugh and left the booth.

Rewind further back. I am at a competitive event, for once not competing, but representing media.

“This is the LoL area,” the admin explained to me, “Oh, LoL stands for League of Legends…”

I refrained from rolling my eyes.

I am sitting in an internet cafe. Amidst my team, I draft out our hero picks and bans for this game. It is our first Dota 2 tournament in a long time.

Later, my teammate confided in me, “I could have been naked and painted blue and nobody would have looked at me”
So what, I say. I was one sole woman of what, 30-something competitors. So bloody what. Let them stare. I need to stay focused on the game to take us to victory.

It’s like I need to wear a t-shirt listing all my achievements in chronological order to simplify the process of proving myself every time I meet somebody new.

Instead, I remain patient that one day I simply will not face the doubt and disbelief anymore. Or I’ll just start cross-dressing at tournaments.

Too Many Games?

I don’t know if anybody else gets this, but sometimes I feel like I just have too many games to play. And the weird thing is, when I’m so incredibly swamped by everything these titles have to offer, I end up playing none of them.


At the moment I have sitting on my computer an unfinished game of Fallout 3, Evil Genius, a finished game of The Neverhood, and I’ve recently taken to Team Fortress 2 as well as twelve of the Sims 2 expansion packs (don’t judge me!). The weird thing is, instead of playing these titles, I instead found myself playing  the quick little games that don’t require much dedication.


Yesterday I whipped through some Doom 2, Plants versus Zombies, the Commander Keen Collection Pack and Simcity 3000.


What the hell?


A Gamie Look at Taiwan – Part Two

This one’s more game’ish, I promise.




A petrol station named NPC. I couldn’t resist. You can’t see it in the photo but there’s a huge statue of what appeared to be a blue potato man standing out front as a mascot.


It's not what you think.


It’s a 6mm pellet BB Gun. How badly I wanted to buy one of these babies and bring it home with me. It even comes with the bayonet!! Unfortunately, last I heard BB Guns were not allowed into Australia (can somebody clarify this?).


AK47 imitation.


Full view of the model. In true FPS fashion, I spotted the AK from afar.


House of the Dead 2


Despite my frantic searching, I could not locate an arcade in Taiwan equipped with Tekken 6! Although I possess a turbulent love/hate relationship with that game I did wish to try the arcading scene in Taiwan. What I did find was some other games, all for a much cheaper price. The above game, House of the Dead 2, required NT$10 to play which translates roughly to AU$0.34 per play.


I don't really think this picture needs a caption.


I believe that all hardcore gamers were at one point in their lives WoW players. This is fact. This cannot be denied. So when I saw this poster hung up on a Seven Eleven store I had to snap it. This would not be seen at 7-11 here. Ever.


So now I’m back in the land down under and everywhere I look there seems to be a lack of a gamer’s presence. There are no posters of Arthas hanging around, no MMO advertisements, no cheap arcading. But nothing beats the feeling of coming home.