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Zorine’s Weekly Wrap – September 28

Edmond’s back this week! YAY! And he delivered with heaps of Japanese treats from Tokyo too. They always make me very happy.

The return of our video director means I’m on full steam ahead working on a couple of videos which will hopefully be published within the new few weeks, but with EB Expo 2014 next week I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to work on those.

If you’re swinging by the expo please drop by the GameSpot booth and say hello! I will really need it to get through 3 days of non-stop expo madness!



The Evil Within AU Community Event

This was a really fun event to organise and participate in. The ghost tour was incredibly scary. Our competition winners looked like they really enjoyed the game too! On a side note, Jess held my hand so tightly through the whole tour ^_^


AU New Releases: FIFA 15 Kicks Off for Multiple Platforms

FIFA 15 launched this week. The ad-ops/IT/engineering guys often borrow our PS4 to play this game, and although I don’t watch soccer often, watching them play is always a hoot.

Dota 2 Hit With Substantial Changes in Latest Update

THIS WAS HUGE NEWS IN THE DOTA COMMUNITY. I was very excited for this. Been playing Dota 2 recently and the new changes are pretty rad.

New Nintendo 3DS Confirmed to Launch in Australia This November, Before Europe and America

THIS WAS ALSO HUGE NEWS IN AU. This must be what it feels like to receive things before the rest of the world. I could get used to this feeling.

Square Enix Launches ANZ Servers For Multiplayer Vampire Game Nosgoth

Any love for the countries down under is always appreciated.

Soon You Can “Undelete” World of Warcraft Characters

I honestly think Blizzard are a really “customer-first” kind of company. They cop a lot bad talk online but I really do think they put fans first.