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Zorine’s Weekly Wrap – September 21

Based on the feedback I’ve received from everyone, I can conclude that this wrap-up post is going pretty well! So I’ll be continuing them for now. HUZZAH!

Looks like the theme for this week was TOKYO GAME SHOW. Despite me not being there, I somehow found myself pumping out a fair amount of content from it. I’m proud. Probably would’ve published more content, had I been there, *sniff*. Anyway, lots of exciting stuff dropped this week, with more to come from the sounds of it.


Our GSAU video director extraordinaire, Edmond Tran, was at TGS this week which meant we were pretty crippled in terms of video output. No videos from me until Ed gets back!


Left 4 Dead 2 Is Finally Uncensored on Steam in Australia

Woohooo finally!

First Photo of PlayStation-Exclusive Superhero TV Series “Powers” Released

Nothing to say on this one, except that Sharlto Copley is probably one of my top 5 favourite actors.

FBI Investigating Death Threats Made Against Anita Sarkeesian


Swery65’s Xbox One-exclusive D4 to be Released Tomorrow

This was pretty exciting to write up! Peter passed this on to be as Swery65 himself was talking to him, I believe. We deliver news FAST!

New Silent Hill Game May be Released in Episodic Format


Final Fantasy XV Demo Confirmed for Release in March


Metal Gear Solid V Coming 2015 – New Trailer Released

It was an awesome trailer, I understood approximately two full sentences in it.

Bloodborne Release Date Confirmed – New Trailer Goes Live

This trailer was also very awesome, I squealed (internally) like a fangirl upon watching it.

Square Enix’s New Cloud Gaming Venture Named Shinra Technologies, Beta Will Launch Next Year

I LOVE that the company is named Shinra Technologies. Hahaha.

Feeling a bit under the weather so no stream today, but will try and head in to stream tomorrow! It’s so hard to motivate myself to drag my sleepy body through 1.5 hours transit on weekends sometimes, but the stream is always worth it when I get to it! Have a nice rest of the week everyone! Stay happy and healthy 🙂